My grandmothers and mother-in-law lived well into their nineties and beyond, but my father and grandfathers all died before reaching elderhood. So, I approached senior status with ample helpful examples of females aging gracefully to guide me into uncharted territory, but no male examples.; So, I’ve had to search for information and watch for guides to help me. I’m now old enough to be a guide myself.  

As a Life-Stage Transition coach, I provide coaching services for individuals, and couples navigating the final stage of life – retirement, aging, and death. My grandmother's words, “You’ll understand when you’re older,” used to stir up frustration in me. But now, I've come to realize that the perspective from the end of a journey is vastly different from the one at the beginning. It's not about one being right and the other wrong, but about the unique strategies needed to navigate each stage of life. I bring this understanding and empathy to my clients, making them feel heard and valued in their unique journeys.

Relationship coaching enhances marital, family, friendship, and employer/employee relationships. Life stage and transition coaching, on the other hand, is about guiding you through the challenges that come with each stage of life - childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, full adulthood (development of family and career), and aging adult. It's also about learning to navigate gender issues at each stage. I work to instill hope and optimism in my clients about their own relationships and life stages.

I have over 30 years of experience working with various people and problems. As a psychologist, I provided psychotherapy for a broad spectrum of problems, ranging from normal life stressors to people with mental health problems. As a relationship coach, I provide similar services, but for people without mental health problems. Very few relationship coaches are also Ph.D. psychologists with their depth of education and experience.

 When I work with individuals, I facilitate the development of an understanding of the person and their problems that leads to effective ways of improving their lives and relationships.

When I work with couples, my goal is to help them enhance their relationship. I focus on assisting in developing communication, conflict management or resolution, and mutual problem-solving skills, as well as replacing dysfunctional behavior patterns with functional ones.

When I work with families, I focus on family structure, roles, and patterns of interaction. I act as an observer and facilitator of improved family relationships and family functioning.

Research shows that the quality and character of the relationship between coach and client are the process's most important and powerful aspects. I endeavor to establish a warm and effective working relationship with my clients to work together to relieve suffering and solve problems.

I take my work seriously and enjoy it. I do it primarily for satisfaction, secondarily to make a living. I do my best to help clients feel comfortable and to achieve success. I don’t view clients as objects of treatment but as people hoping to benefit from my help.

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